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My first rickroll

Every time I find an XSS I always save it in Delicious. The other night I did the same but something was different. The “save bookmarks” dialogue looked a little messed up. Upon investigation I found an XSS on Delicious itself. Here is how it looked The problem was fixed less than 10 hours later.… Read More »

Yahoo! Messenger and thanks

Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone has been released. When the iPhone OS 3.0 is released this summer I can save a few bucks on text messages. Thanks Yahoo! and Apple. Since I’m in my thankful corner – I’d like to think that is a permanent setting – I am also thankful to


Hvis du er seriøs med søgning på din fantastiske iPhone så kommer du ikke udenom Yahoo!‘s inquisitor. Inquisitor har en automatisk assistent der giver dig forslag til søgninger. I langt de fleste tilfælde vil det spare dig for ganske meget tap’eri. I de altid gode søgeresultater er der en lille smagsprøve på hvad web-siden indeholder.… Read More »

Kraut computing

Silly me was under the impression Spiegel has decent journalists. An article (english translation courtesy of babelfish) today proves that at least one of their “journalists” is not on top of things he is writing about. In the title he states that Yahoo! stops its cloud computing initiatives. I find that interesting so I read… Read More »